AKCS-WWW - When you demand the best

There are many "forum systems" available around the Internet, but none offer the feature set of AKCS-WWW, including:



Licenses are sold on a per-forum (URL) basis and include perpetual execution rights and the right to receive updates and support during the term and are valid for one machine operating the forum environment of the licensee's choice, along with a limited amount of remote installation assistance if required. Each horizontal "instance" of the AKCS-WWW software operating on a distinct IP or URL requires it's own license, and starts at $299.00 for a one year term. Quantity discounts are available for horizontal applications.

For full license terms and costs please contact info@cudasystems.net with your organization's name, your name and a phone number and we will get back to you immediately to discuss your needs. Please do not disturb the subject line as it is used to avoid the system's spam filter.


AKCS-WWW is Copyright 2003-2010 under license from Karl Denninger. All rights reserved.